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Employment & Immigration

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Most disputes and litigation affecting companies operating in Africa are employment related. The policies of many governments’ in the region are pro-employees thus employment disputes can sometimes be highly politicised.

It is therefore paramount for a company’s internal procedures, employment contracts, documentation, payroll and transactions to comply with all laws and regulations.

Mismanagement of disciplinary action and terminations are the root cause of most contentious matters. Apart from advising we train your managers to protect your reputation.

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We help our clients build strong working relationships with regulators, policy makers and other stakeholders in compliance with international laws. Get in touch!

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EG Ban: Felling of trees & Exploitation of timber

EG Ban: Felling of trees & Exploitation of timber

The Presidency of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea issued Decree No. 84/2020, dated 15th of September, prohibiting the felling of trees and the exploitation of timber in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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