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Dispute Resolution & Litigation

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Dispute Resolution & Litigation

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We take a proactive, rather than a reactive approach to dispute resolution and litigation. Clients praise us for our strategies, which consider the realities of the countries where we operate.

Our strategies go beyond a memorandum or an email advising our clients; we profoundly assess and understand the disputes and litigation cases we are involved in and recommend solid, measurable and successful strategies. We avoid legal jargon to help our client truly understand the matter and contribute to our strategy as the matter progresses.

We appropriately manage mediation and arbitration cases with meticulously selected counsels who command the respect of the court system and their peers.

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We help our clients build strong working relationships with regulators, policy makers and other stakeholders in compliance with international laws. Get in touch!

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Minimum Tariffs for Vehicle Insurance

Minimum Tariffs for Vehicle Insurance

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea recently enacted Decree No. 97/2020, dated November 5th 2020. This Decree approves minimum tariffs for obligatory third-party liability insurance for motor vehicles.

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